Bakery & Pastry

Minerva limited, in collaboration with Les Vergers Boiron, organized a successful hands-on workshop during the last days of August 2018, for talented pastry chefs based in the UAE to explore some of the most unique Pastry techniques and creations.

This action-packed three-day workshop, led by the famous Pastry World Champion 2017 and Gelato World Champion 2018, aimed at helping the participants mastering additional skills in a practical approach, learning special techniques and recipes for advanced pastry making, ice cream and much more.

The participants discovered the incredible range of flavors from Les Vergers Boiron which includes over 70 different authentic-tasting fruit and vegetable purees, coulis, fruit pieces, and semi-candied fruits. Ready-to-use products with unmatched consistency in taste and quality that always strive to guide the inspiration of culinary professionals for successful creations.