O close off the season of their series of “Themed-Night” culinary events in partnership with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, Minerva Limited launched its Sea’Fusion Night event with a strong focus on their range of Seafood and Asian ingredients.

For that last event of the season before the summer heat, Minerva Limited organized another unique event  for the local F&B professional’s community to showcase their range of fresh and frozen seafood and Asian ingredients with the launch of two new brands within the distributor’s portfolio.

Frame Barcelona, the highest quality frozen tuna steaks from Spain and TSK Foods from Singapore, with a special line of noodles ideal to prepare a wide range of speciality Asian dishes. Once more with the partnership of the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management and the support of Jumeirah Hospitality, the Sea’Fusion night event was a great success with the highest level of attendance since the beginning of this season of events.

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