The Festive season is finally here and It’s a great time of year to have menu specials that are carefully crafted to reflect the season such as Cranberry Apple Tart, Roast Duck, Stuffed Turkey and much more. Certain classic foods can’t be missed for the festive feast like a roast turkey, gingerbread or pudding. Nevertheless, it is crucial to give your creativity a leeway to add your twist to these age-old recipes and come up with new exciting ideas and flavours that will attract new customers. A different preparation method here or a new ingredient there can do marvels gaining a new layer of festive taste.

Salted caramel and clementine play a flavour twist role this festive season, untraditional spices also take part of this season food trends such as Sumac and Timut pepper.

For your restaurant to stand out, offer your customers new adventurous flavours and cater to the current demand and trends. Why not opting for healthy ingredients to craft your recipes and menu specials? delight your customers with plant-based protein options like lentils, tofu or quinoa, although it is not specifically a festive season trend, healthy-eating ever-growing popularity is a key to increase the footfall to your business.

Bite-sized dishes are one of the biggest hits. Give your customers an alternative presentation of classic meals with mini appetizers, side dishes, and desserts that would be great for sharing! With a touch of creativity, chefs have the chance to create something new and exciting from even the best-known dishes. The possibilities are endless!

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