Consistency, quality and specialty, these are only a few elements that goes into delivering the best and most heart-warming Mediterranean food experiences – even more important is our expert customers preparation and creativity feeding their sense for the art of creating the best Italian, Spanish & Lebanese food in the market.

Italian cuisine is one of the most well-known and widely recognized cuisines in the world – from street food to traditional comfort food to the most sophisticated dishes, we can offer you some of the best Italian specialty ingredients on the market.

Spanish food has inspired millions around the world, intimate food experiences like Tapas and fine dining, the very definition of handpicked artisan ingredients, always consumed with friends and family – this cuisine has very much its own personality! From Barcelona to Madrid and Malaga with ingredients from Sea and Land – olives, oil, cheeses, charcuterie along with seasoning and spices – we can supply to all the requirements within this range of products.

Lebanese cuisine is a Levantine style of cooking this why we firmly believe your meal is only as good as the product you cook with. Chefs from around the GCC are using our products forcing us to carry only the best. We know your reputation is on the line with every meal you prepare, for those reasons we go to great lengths to ensure the quality of our foods is surpassed by none.

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Specialty Foods

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